Alice Austen, Writer, Producer 

Austen was a kid growing up in the Pacific Northwest when she showed her short stories to Ken Kesey, he told her she was a writer and mentored her early work.  Austen worked under poet Seamus Heaney at Harvard University where she also studied law, and was the first American to receive a fellowship to the International Court of Human Rights and one of three students who founded the Harvard Human Rights Journal. The year Mikhanovsky came to America, Austen went to Central Europe. Fresh out of  Law School, Austen was in Prague helping establish Vaclav Havel’s new government. Over a bet in an Irish pub, she penned a play that was picked up and produced. Austen's plays have been honored with numerous awards, commissioned by and seen at theatres around the country and Europe, including the Steppenwolf and Goodman. As a producer, Austen brings to the table her background as a former international lawyer whose work on ground-breaking transactions has been the subject of Harvard Business Review Case Studies. 

Austen’s Recent Film credits: 

GIVE ME LIBERTY (post-production) Writer/Producer; COMING TO YOU (2017 - post-production) Writer/Producer;; JIMMY SALVADOR, (prep) Writer; EMILIE D. (2017 Sundance Sloan Finalist)  Writer; MERCY SEAT (2016 TIFF Co-Production Marketplace Workshop) Writer with Alix Delaporte;